MBLAQ member and Iris II star Lee Joon has many talents, including pole dancing for the entire world to see and appreciate, and recently he put that skill to work to impress Roommate's Lee Dong Wook.

One of the many perks of taking drama breaks to watch episodes of Strong Heart is the discovery of new Idol and actor talents. For those unfamiliar with Lee Joons background, he actually studied dance in school and enjoys showcasing his skill whenever possible.

Now, I’m not sure pole dancing was a part of the curriculum, but either way, it’s obvious he was a great student! Below is a clip of Lee Joon shocking the Strong Heart audience and its host, actor Lee Dong Wook, with mesmerizing body rolls and pelvic thrusts.

Now before you view, be prepared to see images like this…

And you may also react like this…

So go ahead, check out Lee Joon's awesome other talent!

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Lee Dong Wook was NOT READY, were you?!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE