Yet again, a bystander with a cellphone has caught a truly incredible sight on camera, this time involving some monkeys at a train station in India. Compared to all the negative cellphone footage shot from around the world, this video of a sweet little monkey is sure to get you feeling all warm inside.

With overpopulation getting worse by the day, some wild animals are finding themselves in areas populated by humans as they lose their natural habitat and have no choice but to find food and shelter amongst us. In India, apparently, monkeys running around a local train station are no longer a sight to be surprised by, but what happened recently at this station is.

What happened was, while running around the tracks, a monkey got electrocuted. While helpless onlookers on the platform could only watch, a monkey friend rushed to the monkey's side and provided whatever monkey first aid he could. After twenty minutes of being bitten, slapped, and even dunked in water, the unconscious monkey came to. News has it the two eventually ran off as the crowd watched in disbelief.

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I'll say no more. Check out the amazing video.