Sanrio Puroland, the Japanese theme park that is home to Sanrio's most popular characters, including Hello Kitty, has been holding a series of fun challenges. People challenge My Melody, Sanrio's famous bunny, to do bizarre things, and then the videos are posted online. Here are 10 clips of My Melody meeting her challenges:

1. Nunchuck challenge:

2. Spy challenge:

3. Spin around the bat challenge:

4. Rock, paper, scissors game challenge:

5. Ping pong serve challenge

6. Genuine rabbit challenge:

7. Touch chin to elbow challenge

8. Challenge alter-egos:

9. Holding breath challenge:

10. Unlock smartphone challenge:

If you're a My Melody fan, you can go here to see all of her various challenges in action! What do you think of her challenges? Is it fun? Cute? Creepy? Comment below!

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