North Korea dispatched 229 cheerleaders to support the North and South Korean joint hockey team at the Olympics. The North Korean cheerleaders were decked out in red snowsuits and sang and danced in perfect synchronization for the joint women’s ice hockey team. Their cheers turned heads, and one big reason why was because, by pure coincidence, they clapped and motioned to the beat of BTS’s 'Blood, Sweat & Tears.’

When the joint Korean Olympic women’s hockey team played against Sweden, the all-female cheerleaders’ first song after being seated was Nice to Meet You, a classic North Korean tune.

Then a funny situation happened. The North Korean team danced while BTS’s ‘'Blood, Sweat & Tears’ was playing in the background, which made them look like they were dancing to BTS.

Another interesting moment came when the North Korean cheerleaders danced to ‘Whistle,’ each wearing a mask of a dark haired man, as the joint Korean team was losing 8-0 to Sweden.

North and South Korean teams marched together at the Olympics opening ceremony. It would be interesting to see more of these joint acts between the North and South. What do you think? Comment below!

Cover photo: Courtesy of euronews.

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