Do you love romantic Chinese dramas? Then you will love Across the Ocean to See You starring Wang Li Kun and Zhu Ya Wen (The Witness). Directed by Chen Ming-Chang of Fated to Love You, the sweet drama will surely pull at your heartstrings! Ready to watch?


When a CEO finds that managing both her new company and recent divorce is getting to be a bit much, she finds unlikely help in the form of an employee she really does not like. Even in corporate politics, love finds a way.

Zhu Ya Wen (The Witness) and Wang Li Kun star in a drama that proves opposites do attract, and that it’s never too late to find love. When a divorced CEO becomes unpopular with her employees, she is helped out by one of her colleagues, and they slowly begin to form a bond.

Su Mang (Wang Li Kun) works in a tourism corporation. She is a really good person at heart but she’s been having a rough year. After the divorce from her husband, her outlook on life changed. Hoping for a change of scenery, she asks her bosses to return to China and start a new life. Her bosses agree, and she ends up being the CEO of their latest division. There, she is forced to lay off quite a few employees. She already isn’t well liked, and this doesn’t help. Now, the employees start talking about how her husband divorced her, and that she “deserved” it. For someone who is not a bad person, this causes Su Mang some serious pain.

Zheng Chu (Zhu Ya Wen) is a hotel connoisseur at the same company. He really got off on the wrong foot with his latest boss, Su Mang. Still, because of his good manners and work ethic (not to mention, dumb luck) he survived the layoff. When the employees started talking about Su Mang, he is the one who steps in for his boss.

Now, with Su Mang getting a soft spot for Zheng Chu after he helps her out, their relationship slowly changes. But when she has experienced the pain of divorce and he is just an employee, will that be an ocean too far for even a force as strong as love?

Also known as Crossing the Ocean to See You, Across the Ocean to See You is directed by Chen Ming Zhang (Diamond Lover, Fated to Love You). The series debuted on Anhui TV on April 02, 2017. It is expected to run for 44 episodes, with a conclusion on April 26, 2017.



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Across the Ocean to See You - 漂洋过海来看你

Starring Wang Li Kun and Zhu Ya Wen

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