When two people from disparate backgrounds meet and fall in love, is it a blessing or a twist of fate? The movie But Always traces the connections and bond between Yongyuan (Nicholas Tse) and Anran (Gao Yuanyuan). Will their love endure the tumultuous changes in life for always? Scroll down to watch the trailer, and also see the famous Hong Kong singer-actor Nicholas Tse sing the theme song he composed for this very special movie about romance and fate.


Yongyuan (Nicholas Tse) and Anran (Gao Yuanyuan) first met when they were kids who temporarily lived in a shelter after the Tangshan earthquake that occurred in China in 1976. Over the next decades, the two would meet again and separate several times, from the streets of old Beijing to new urban sprawl, until they finally affirmed their feelings when they reunited in New York. But fate seems to play a tug of war with the two lovers. 

The story unfolds like a timeless romantic tale that could take place anywhere. Yongyuan's name is literally "Forever," and Anran's name means "At Ease."

The 2014 movie was a blockbuster hit in China, grossing the equivalent of more than US$36 million. It was Nicholas's first romantic role since 2003. 


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Nicholas Tse composed the theme song "Let Us Continue On" with the lyrics written by Abrahim Chan.

In the first video, you'll see Nicholas play the guitar and sing the song. In the second video, Nicholas invites his friend, award-winning Hong Kong singer Joey Yung, to join him. The final version is a duet performed by Nicholas and Joey for the movie.



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But Always

Starring Nicholas Tse and Gao Yuanyuan

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