China's top leading man Hu Ge (Nirvana In Fire) stars in the highly-anticipated modern drama Game of Hunting. This story about a man who seeks to survive and succeed as a headhunter in the cutthroat business world has attracted attention within China and among international viewers. The new series goes on air on DramaFever on November 10.


Zheng Qiu Dong (Hu Ge) goes through many harsh challenges and dramatic ups and downs as he struggles to succeed in the fiercely competitive business world. Along the way, he'll meet friends and foes, and even romances. Will he succeed? Who will be on his side when he finally rises as a top headhunter? More importantly, will he reach his goals without losing his moral principles? The drama gives an interesting insight into what it takes to succeed in modern China.

Game of Hunting is directed by award-winning director Jian Wen, who also scripted the intricate plot. The drama is led by Hu Ge in a heavy-weight ensemble cast that includes many of China's premier actors: Chen Long (Nirvana in Fire), Li Qiang (The King's Woman), Sun Honglei (To Be A Better Man), Zu Feng (Ode to Joy, All Quiet in Peaking), Hu Bing (Ice Fantasy, Princess Agents), Jian Ren Zi (My Sunshine), Wan Qian (To Be A Better Man), Zhang Ling Zhi (Love Me If You Dare), and more.


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Theme song "Full Bloom," sung by the leading star Hu Ge

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The brand new drama goes on air in a simulcast mode, following China's broadcast that starts on November 6, releasing 2 episodes every weekday on DramaFever as of November 10.


Game of Hunting - 猎场

Starring Hu Ge and Zu Feng

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