It's movie night and the weather's just right, so cuddle up on your couch and watch this modern day romantic comedy about how social media is affecting new age relationships! Starring  Lee Mi Yeon and Choi Ji Woo, this film was released to rave reviews last year, but its finally found its way to DramaFever and we can't wait to share the joy with you! 


In a digital age, romance doesn't mean you like someone. It means you Poke, Follow and Friend them. But for three couples, moving on from Facebook to a proper relationship is an uphill battle.

Jin Woo ( Yoo Ah In from Six Flying Dragons) is a popular actor making a comeback after military service. Upon his return, he is asked if he wants to star in a new drama. The one asking him is screenwriter Gyung Ah (Lee Mi Yeon from Answer Me 1988). For some reason, she didn't want to ask Jin Woo, but she did. And he refused. At a wedding, though, Jin Woo sees Gyung Ah's child. And, now, Jin Woo is seriously worried. Because he realizes he might be the father.

Sung Chan  (Kim Joo Hyuk from Answer Me 1988) owns a small Japanese restaurant. About to get married, Sung Chan leases an apartment. That apartment belongs to flight attendant Joo Ran (Choi ji Woo from Twenty Again). But calamity soon strikes both their lives. Just before the wedding date, Sung Chan gets dumped. He now doesn't have a person to marry. Joo Ran learns that she has been deceived. She now doesn't have a place to stay. Sung Chan, always the gentleman, offers a solution and the two end up living together. Soo Ho (Kang Ha Neul from Scarlet Heart: Ryeo) is a song writer. Having suffered an awful accident in high school, Soo Ho is deaf. Because of this, he has become somewhat introverted and has never had anyone he loved. He regularly attends Sung Chan's restaurant. There, he meets producer Na Yeon (Esom from Second Half). They have a good time together and, after sharing likes on Facebook, start dating. But Soo Ho simply cannot bring himself to talk to Na Yeon about his deafness.

Together, these three couples ride out their love lives, hoping to change their status to "in a relationship." But the social network of the heart is a lot more difficult to log into.

Originally titled "Happy Facebook," Like for Likes is a romantic comedy written by Yoo Young Ah  (As OneSteal My Heart). It is directed by co-writer Park Hyun Jin. The film was released on February 17, 2016, whereupon it ranked third in the opening weekend. Running for 120 minutes, the film was regarded by fans as a comedic reflection on the changing needs of romance in a digital age.



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Like For Likes

Starring Lee Mi Yeon and Choi Ji Woo

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