New romantic thriller Love's Lies lets us in on the intrigue surrounding a mystery man who is either a man who betrays his true love or a misunderstood hero in disguise. Our heroine will do everything she can to find the truth and save the man she loves. The new drama, starring Luo Jin (The Princess Weiyoung) and Pan Zhi Lin, is now premiering on DramaFever. Find out more here.


She wants to save the drug-dealing, money-laundering boyfriend who abandoned her. But is he really the one who needs saving?

Tan Dou Dou (Pan Zhi Lin) is a white-collar worker living an average life. She is still reeling from a shocking incident seven years ago, when the man she loved abandoned her. One day, Tan Dou Dou receives a package. It contains drugs and belongs to that same traitor boyfriend. Now caught in the middle of a drug deal gone hideously wrong, Tan Dou Dou decides to confront her ex. But she doesn’t know the whole story. Jin Yuan (Luo Jin) is an undercover cop. He has created a fake identity to work within the drug syndicate plaguing his city. He lies to protect those he loves. Even when he abandoned her, Jin Yuan was only working to protect Tan Dou Dou. Jin Yuan’s worst nightmare comes true when the very woman he tried to save is caught in the middle of his war. As he fights the crime ring he has infiltrated and dodges the law that considers him a criminal, Jin Yuan now also has to deal with his ex. She doesn’t know who he really is and is convinced she can get him back on the “right” path. He has to keep lying to save the woman he loves but, sometimes, even love’s lies are not strong enough to conceal its truth.

Love’s Lies is directed by Xu Jing. The thriller stars Luo Jin (The Princess Weiyoung, Once Upon A Time), Pan Zhi Lin (August Weiyang), Cao Zheng (The Legend of Miyue), and Fu Meng Po (The Last Verse). It premiered in April 2018.


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Love's Lies will premier on Wednesday, May 2, on DramaFever, with 2 episodes a day.


Love's Lies - 真爱的谎言之破冰者

Starring Luo Jin and Pan Zhi Lin

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