Our biggest hit of 2016, Goblin is sadly coming to an end this weekend! Don't have a breakdown just yet, we have a bunch of new dramas to keep you company. Adding to that already long list, is a thriller that is pretty much going to be AMAZE! Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee, Missing Nine is a DramaFever hit we can't wait to unleash on you. Here's everything you need to know about this drama:


Nine artists and staff members of Legend Entertainment board a private plane to a concert. The plane crashes and all of them are stranded on an island without a link to civilization. Four months later, Ra Bong Hee (Baek Jin Hee from Triangle) emerges as the only survivor. What happened on that island? And why do some people never want that information to be made public? This is Ra Bong Hee’s survival story, and she may not live to tell it.

Leading the cast of survivors is Seo Joon Oh (Jung Kyung Ho from One More Happy Ending), a pop star who used to be the leader of popular idol group “Dreamers” until a plagiarism scandal destroyed his image – but not his arrogant sense of entitlement. Ra Bong Hee is his new stylist, who left her home to pursue her dreams in Seoul. Her first day on the job, and also the first time she has been in a plane, ends with this crash. She might have been everyone's errand girl, but on this island she is the only one who can teach others how to survive with some common sense. Choi Tae Ho (Padam Padam actor Choi Tae Joon) is a former member of that same failed boy band “Dreamers,” and was in the midst of a career resurgence as an actor when the crash happened; his frustration puts everyone on edge. Lee Yeol (Park Chan Yeol from Salut d’Amour and K-Pop group EXO) is the youngest member of the disbanded boy group and the only one who went on to have a successful solo career after the breakup. Always the optimist, Lee Yeol was the pretty one of the band, and becomes a ray of joy amidst the discord. Ha Ji Ah (Lee Sun Bin from Squad 38) is the most successful celebrity in Legend Entertainment. Though she seems rather honest and down to earth, she harbors a deep secret that will impact everyone’s survival. Yoon So Hee (Uncontrollably Fond actress Ryu Won), also known as the “Hallyu Goddess,” is a popular celebrity and billboard model who has a strong sense of responsibility and a desire to help others..

Then there are the men behind the stars of Legend Entertainment: Jung Ki Joon ( Miss Korea alum Oh Jung Se) is Joon Ho’s manager, who has been by his side through thick and thin, and is the only one who knows Ha Ji Ah’s secret. Hwang Jae Kook (Let’s Fight Ghost actor Kim Sang Ho) is the president of Legend Entertainment and the one who disbanded Dreamers. Lastly, Tae Ho Hang (Tae Hang Ho from Six Flying Dragons) is the president’s secretary, and sees something on the island that leaves him torn between his conscience and his loyalties.



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Missing Nine

Starring Jung Kyung Ho and Baek Jin Hee

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