Are you ready for a new romantic adventure with a jungle hero? The hit Taiwanese drama Prince of Wolf is now completely uploaded to DramaFever. Embark on an amazing journey with Derek Chang to search for his true identity with the help of photographer Amber An. And let's not forget the adorable huskies who play wolves in Taiwan's treacherous mountains. Take a look at these cute trailers!


Derek Chang (also known as Zhang Xuan Rui from Stay With Me) and Taiwanese sensation Amber An star in a romance that puts a modern twist on the classic tale of a man raised by beasts. When a young boy is lost in the forest and raised by the wolves, he grows up to be their protector. When he meets and falls in love with the first woman he has ever seen, he returns to the modern world to find love. The jungle animals, however, have no fury like the evil of civilized people.

Du Zhe Ming (Derek Chang) is the prince of wolves. As a child, he got lost in the forest and saved the life of a female wolf. The Wolf King rewarded him by letting him stay with the tribe. Now grown up, Du Zhe Ming has the intelligence of a human and the instincts of an animal. He is the wolf pack’s deadliest hunter and fiercest protector. Tian Mi Mi (Amber An) is an amateur photographer who goes to Taiwan’s scenic Wolf Mountain for some wildlife photography. When she falls into a valley, it is the Wolf prince who saves Mi Mi’s life. While he is fascinated by the woman and brings her back to his cave, Mi Mi nonetheless has to return to the human world. Now convinced that she is his soul mate, Du Zhe Ming follows Mi Mi back into human society. As the beast royal will soon learn, however, civilized society isn’t a very safe place to be a wolf prince.

Prince of Wolf is directed by Liu En Jie. The drama first aired on TTV on July 3, 2016 and ran for 18 episodes, with one bonus episode culminating things on November 6, 2016. The series was a pleasant surprise for its fans (and producers), becoming the number-one hit while competing with hotly anticipated dramas on rival channels, such as Uncontrollably Fond and Jealousy Incarnate


You can find out more about Derek Chang HERE and the drama HERE

Also look for Katie Chen (Bromance) in the supporting cast.

Join Derek Chang and Amber An in Prince of Wolf now!


Prince of Wolf - 狼王子

Starring Derek Chang and Amber An

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