A period drama from Hong Kong! Intrigued aren't you? Return of the Silver Tongue starring Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin is about a righteous school teacher who partners up with a writer to form a legendary lawyer duo. But while they fight for justice, an injustice from long ago is ready to resurface and take them down. Here are all the details you need:


Roger Kwok (Queens of Diamonds and Hearts, Awfully Lawful) and Kristal Tin (Beyond the Realm of ConscienceNo Good Either Way) star in a legal comedy that shows cold cases never go dead, and almost always pop back up when things are going really well. When an ambitious young teacher joins forces with a writer to form a lawyer team that fights for what is right, the last thing he expects is that his partner has some serious baggage in her past.

Cheung Sei Wai (Roger Kwok) is a righteous teacher. Ambitious and armed with a strong sense of duty, he believes education can purify both heart and soul. He opens a school to nourish the talented and provide new scholars to the world. When he meets an equally ambitious and articulate writer, not only does she inspire him to pursue the legal career he always wanted, but also steals his heart. Chan Jan Jan (Kristal Tin) is the writer that steals Cheung Sei Wai’s heart. Competitive and talkative, Chan Jan Jan inspires the school teacher to become a barrister, and the two form a formidable legal team. Together, they face off against villains like the notorious Poon King Cheun (Cheung Kwok Keung from Beyond the Realm of Conscience) and his son Poon Yi Ming (Jerry Lamb from Triumph in the Skies), taking down crime one case at a time. However, as Cheung Sei Wai and Chan Jan Jan grow closer, one person who is increasingly bothered is Hah Hau Mu (Evergreen Mak from Storm in a Cocoon), the court guard and head detective. A friend of Cheun Sei Wai’s, Ha Hau Mu severely dislikes and distrusts Chan Jan Jan, whose father had framed his many years ago, ultimately resulting in the detective’s dad getting the death penalty. So when Ha Hau Mu starts digging into Chan Jan Jan’s mysterious past, he finds an injustice from nearly 20 years ago. Can our lawyers’ save themselves from the dangers of such a cold case, or are some crimes too dark to defeat with simply a silver tongue?

Produced by Lee Yim Fong, Return of the Silver Tongue is a period drama set in the Qing Dynasty. It is based on the short story “Little Bean Shed” Zeng Yandong, a female writer popular during the Qing era. Roger Kwok, who reportedly turned down a role in Gilded Chopsticks to take the lead in this series, would reunite with Kristal Tin in Black Heart White Soul. Return of the Silver Tongue debuted on December 17, 2013 on TVB, with the finale airing on January 17, 2014. The drama aired Monday through Friday at 8:30PM, running for 25 episodes. The extended cast for Return of the Silver Tongue includes Roger Kwok as Cheung Sai Wai, Kristal Tin as Chan Jan Jan, Evergreen Mak as Ha Hau Mo, Grace Wong as Suen Chor Chor, Rachel Kan as Chow Lan, Priscilla Wong as Chow Guk, Jonathan Cheung as Fan Geng, Timothy Cheng as So Jun, Nei Suet as Bao Heung, Coffee Lam as Siu Hong, Sunny Dai as Jong Dai Fok, Frederick Chang as Choi Do Wah, Henry Yu as Kau Ching Ko, Whitney Hui as Ah Dou, and Anthony Ho as Lam Yuk Waan, with guest roles by Akina Hong and Baron.


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Return of the Silver Tongue

Starring Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin

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