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An emperor recruits his twin brother to help save their dynasty. But when he arrives at the palace, he's placed into the role of a lifetime.

Liu Xie (Ma Tian Yu) is the young emperor of the Han Dynasty. In spite of his status as ruler, the principled but weak Liu Xie is just a puppet. The real power belongs to the ruthless warlord Cao Cao (Tse Kwan Ho). Along with Empress Fu Shou (Wan Qian, aka Regina Wan), Liu Xie watches helplessly as his dynasty falls apart in feudal battles. Liu Ping (also played by Ma Tian Yu) is Liu Xie’s secret twin brother. As a child, he was separated from his sibling after a tragedy at the palace. Liu Ping was taken out of the royal household and lived as a commoner, with no desire for the throne.

When Liu Xie realizes that his dynasty is about to fall, the emperor summons his brother to help fight against Cao Cao and his army of deceptive turncoats. Sima Yi (Elvis Han) is Liu Ping’s best friend. They have been together since childhood. Unlike Liu Ping, Sima Yi wants the throne. Ambitious and cunning, Sima Yi comes to the castle ready for a war. A reluctant twin, an ambitious up-and-comer, and an established warlord struggle with and against each other to gain control of the kingdom. Only one emperor can rule in the end.

From the creators of the 2016 hit Imperial Doctress, Secret of the Three Kingdoms is based on the popular novel, "San Guo Ji Mi," by Ma Bo Yong. Ma Tian Yu (Ice Fantasy), Elvis Han (Wu Xin: The Monster Killer), Wan Qian (Game of Hunting), Tse Kwan Ho (Nothing Gold Can Stay), Dong Jie (Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace), and Sunny Wang (In Time With You) lead the ensemble cast in the gripping story that fuses dramatic fiction with actual history. Also named The Secret Dragon in the Abyss, the new drama is directed by Patrick Yau and Cheng Wai Man, and first aired in 2018.

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Secret of the Three Kingdoms premiered on DramaFever on Monday, April 30, with five episodes available immediately, and one new episode per day.


Secret of the Three Kingdoms - 三国机密之潜龙在渊

Starring Ma Tian Yu and Elvis Han

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