Call your girlfriends over, get the ramen going and make sure to stock up on banana milk because it's drama marathon time! This time around we have a fantastic new drama that focuses on South Korea's obsession with plastic surgery! Starring  Jim Yu as a plastic surgeon and Nam Gyu Ri as his ex-wife and business partner, the drama takes us inside the sometimes murky sometimes fantastical world of plastic surgery! Psst.....also watch out for a special appearance by Team DramaFever! Ready for more?


Liu Beichi (J im Yu) is a plastic surgeon. He is known across China and South Korea as one of the best in the business. His ex-wife Kim Min Seo (Nam Gyu Ri) is his business partner. Together, they run a cosmetic surgery clinic. They deal in the business of beauty. Want your nose to be raised a little? Your eyes to have that alluring curve? Those big, luscious lips? These are the people who provide that.

The GNG Clinic in Seoul is the largest plastic surgery center in the area, and business is booming. They market themselves as a hospital. They market their cosmetic surgery as a life necessity. They selectively turn down and accept high profile clients to boost their image. They feed off greed, insecurity and even the emotional instability of their patients.
Plus, working with your ex is like…working with your ex.

Along with the two business partners, there is also Woo Jeu (Fei from girl group Miss A), an old friend of Kim Min Seo’s, and their assistant Jung Soo Hyuk (Jo Min Sung). They have new patients every single day, each with their own issues. Liu Beichi and Kim Min Seo, being Chinese and Korean respectively, also have many cultural differences. People tell them: “if you failed as a couple, how can you succeed as a business?”

Can the dynamic duo convince the ducklings they are unattractive and need to be made into swans, or is the business of beauty just really, really ugly?




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