Sweet Sixteen, new at DramaFever, is a hit movie that was released in China in 2016. Kris Wu, the former-EXO singer turned hot actor, gave an award-winning performance and also sang the theme song. Find out more about the intricate and emotional story. We also include the theme song performed by Kris.

The movie is only about one and a half hours, condensing the transformative years experienced by three young people whose innocence and friendships were harshly challenged as they encounter the realities of the real world. 

The mood is crushing when the story turns dark and inward, but there is a glimmer of hope at the end. Although the name of the movie is "Sweet Sixteen," the real Chinese title is a combination of the names of the leading characters, with the literal translation of "Summer trees elegantly looking at paradise," which is particularly meaningful once you've watched the movie.


Quiet and disturbed Xia Mu (Kris Wu from EXO and Mr. Six) has suffered a traumatic past and is taken in by a kind family. There, he meets the sweet and slightly older Shu Yawang (Lu Shan) and falls in love. She, however, only sees him as a younger brother. Shu Yawang actually loves Tang Xiao Tian (Han Geng from Attack on the Pin-Up Boys). When Tang Xiao Tian goes to military school and Shu Yawang goes to college, the two get engaged. 

Upon graduation, Shu Yawang starts working for a landscape development company but starts getting harassed by the powerful businessman Qu Weiran (Joo Won from My Sassy Girl). Xia Mu confesses his feelings for Shu Yawang to her, but she contends that she only loves him as an older sister. Still reeling from Xia Mu’s shock revelation, Shu Yawang also becomes the victim of Qu Weiran’s lust. He drugs and brutally assaults her at a company event. When Xia Mu realizes what happened, he decides to confront Qu Weiran. Shu Yawang fails to stop him. What follows is a violent escalation that plunges the already traumatized Xia Mu further into darkness, and shows him the true price of love. 

A joint production between South Korean and Chinese film studios, Sweet Sixteen is directed by Jo Jin Kyu. The film released on August 5, 2016.

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Theme Song "From Now On" sung by Kris Wu:

Kris also performed it on stage at a charity event:

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Sweet Sixteen - 夏有乔木, 雅望天堂

Starring Kris Wu and Han Geng

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Kris won the Best Actor award at the Tokyo Film Festival for Sweet Sixteen. Interestingly, Sweet Sixteen was filmed before but released after So Young 2: Never Gone, another romantic movie starring Kris Wu. Both movies became hits in China and Kris won acclaim for his performances, proving the young singer/actor's talents and popular appeal. 

BTW, for those of you who are concerned about dubbing - Yes, Joo Won is dubbed of course in order to speak Chinese, but Kris Wu speaks with his own voice.

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