Do opposites really attract? The fascinating romantic notion is put to an extreme test in the harshest corner on earth In the new movie, Till The End Of The World, starring Mark Chao and Yang Zishan, How do two people, who are vastly different in life, meet up in the Antarctica and fall in love? Will they survive each other first?


A brash millionaire and a reserved scientist are trapped in the snowy plains of Antarctica. They want to kill each other, but nature might beat them to it.

Wu Fu Chun (Mark Chao) is an arrogant and successful entrepreneur on his way to scout his latest business venture: weddings destinations in the extremities of Antarctica. On his chartered flight to the icy continent, he meets no-nonsense science photographer Jing Ru Yi (Yang Zishan), who is going to study the Aurora Australis lights. When a debilitating snow storm wrecks their plane, the two crash and find themselves as the sole survivors in the middle of the freezing land mass. Now they have to work together to fight against the cold and ruthless realities of nature, but even that might not be enough to stay alive.

Starring Mark Chao (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) and Yang Zishan (20 Once Again), Till the End of the World was scripted and directed by Wu Youyin based on his novel of the same title, along with original score written by Joe Hisaishi, famous Japanese composer and musical director. The movie was released on February 2, 2018.


Clip (Eating to Survive): Would you try a bone soup cooked by Mark Chao?

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Till The End Of The World - 南极之恋

Starring Mark Chao and Yang Zishan

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Fans can never get enough of Mark Chao, whether he is in the fantasy world or in the freezing Antartica. How about you?

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