We love a Korean drama that wrecks our soul! And this brand new drama starring  Lee Si Young and Uhm Tae Woong does just that....and so much more! Here are all the details you need:

Lee Si Young (Golden CrossMy Beautiful Bride), Uhm Tae Woong (Wanted, Fight) and Lee Soo Hyuk (Neighborhood Hero, Shark) star in a drama about a woman torn between her complacent marriage and her unacceptable yet irresistible desire. House painter Kim Il Ri (Lee Si Young) is married to fishery researcher Jang Hee Tae (Uhm Tae Woong), who she met when he was her teacher at an all-girls high school. While he rejected her then, Jang Hee Tae could not ignore Kim Il Ri when he met her seven years later, and the two were married. The couple lives happily together, although they do not have children because Kim Il Ri has decided to embrace her husband’s younger sister Jang Hee Soo (Emergency Couple alum Choi Yeo Jin), a former ballerina who became paralyzed after collapsing, as her responsibility. Due to his profession of conducting marine research aboard ships, Jang Hee Tae is frequently at work for weeks at a time. During one such trip of her husband’s, Kim Il Ri comes across handsome carpenter Kim Joon (Lee Soo Hyuk), who hires her to paint a studio apartment. With her husband away, Kim Il Ri slowly starts to grow closer to Kim Joon, and the two eventually fall in love. Suddenly, Kim Il Ri finds herself torn between two men, and two lives. And when Jang Hee Tae returns and finds out about his wife’s infidelity, the game of deception becomes all too real. Can Kim Il Ri decide what her heart truly wants, or will her life crumble under the burden of the very complicated question: which desire of the heart is truly valid?

Also known as “Sensible Love,” Valid Love is written by Kim Do Woo, the critically-acclaimed fan favorite behind hits like Me Too, Flower and My Lovely Sam Soon, and directed by filmmaker Han Ji Seung. The drama netted attention prior to release for an honest and somewhat self-deprecating statement from star Lee Soo Hyuk, who admitted to becoming typecast in his career and deemed his role in Valid Love his most human and nuanced character to date.

The extended cast for Valid Love includes Lee Si Young as Kim Il Ri, Uhm Tae Woong as Jang Hee Tae, Lee Soo Hyuk as Kim Joon, Choi Yeo Jin as Jang Hee Soo, Lee Young Ran as Mrs. Go, Im Ha Ryong as Jang Min Ho, Park Jung Min as Jang Ki Tae, Seo Jung Yun as Kim Boon Ja, Han Eu Ddeum as Kim Yi Ri, Ryu Hye Rin as Jung Soo Young, Han Jong Young as Choi Duk Bae, Han Soo Yun as Yoo Sun Joo, Kim Ki Moo as Hwang Jung Goo, Han Seung Yoon as Lee Suk, Kim Sung Ki as mart grandpa, Seo Tae Hwa as Prof. Park, Hong Tae Ui as Park Min Ki, Jin Hee Kyung as Kim Joon's mother, Huh Jung Bum as Min Ki's friend and Lee Hyun Bin as younger Kim Joon, with supporting roles by Park Jin Suh and Hwang Gun, and cameos by Gong Hyung Jin, Lee Shi Un and Sung Ji Roo.



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Valid Love

Starring Lee Si Young and Uhm Tae Woong

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