How far would you go to help a friend you feel indebted to? In Black Heart White Soul, starring Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin, a paralyzed lawyer decides to walk the path of evil, going as far as manipulating his friends, a former criminal and a detective, into helping him. But there’s only so much evil you can force people into.... 


Roger Kwok (Return of the Silver Tongue, Awfully Lawful), Kristal Tin (Return of the Silver Tongue, No Good Either Way), and Ron Ng (Triumph in the Skies) star in a crime thriller that proves the hideousness of the world is nothing compared to the darkness in someone’s heart. When a lawyer decides to walk on the path of evil, he manipulates a reformed criminal and guilt-ridden officer to support his crimes. Matthew Ko (Roger Kwok) is a barrister. He was once a promising lawyer, but an accident left him bound to a wheelchair. Today, he is a disturbed, conspiratorial maniac hellbent on finding his lost glory. And there are two people he manipulates to get his goal. May Tam (Kristal Tin) is a criminal. Technically, she is the girlfriend of a criminal. But when she takes the fall for her boyfriend and goes to jail, barrister Matthew Ko is the one to set her straight. He hires her at his law firm and gives her a chance to live the straight life, but his favors come at a cost. Cheung Lap Fan (Ron Ng) is a detective. Years ago, he was the one who caused Matthew Ko’s disability. This forces him to harbor a lot of guilt. And this guilt forces Cheung Lap Fan to protect the barrister, even when he knows that his “friend” is up to no good. As the barrister goes deeper and deeper down the path of evil, May Tam and Cheung Lap Fan find it harder and harder to support him. There are limits to how far Matthew Ko can manipulate the people who feel indebted to him, but is there any limit to the blackness in his heart? Black Heart White Soul is a Hong Kong crime thriller produced by Amy Wong (No Good Either Way). The drama is a reunion for leads Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin, who return to the screen together after their work on Rise of the Silver Tongue. 


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Black Heart White Soul

Starring Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin

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