The next drama in our summer of action series is the unique sci-fi crime thriller centered on a battle between two human clones, one good and one evil, Duel, starring Jung Jae Young and Yang Se Jong


Jung Jae Young (Assembly) and Yang Se Jong (Saimdang: Light’s Diary) star in a thriller that proves two disasters are way, way worse than one. When a detective’s daughter is kidnapped, he doesn’t realize that the man also happens to have a clone.

Jang Deuk Chun (Jung Jae Young) is the chief of the crime squad. He is a kind, caring and friendly father to his young daughter. It’s a tough job and he comes from an equally dangerous past, but he never lets his family hear it. It’s the dream life, until the chief’s daughter is kidnapped. And after trying to get her back, Jang Deuk Chun sees that one man is always involved. Actually, make that “two men.”

Sung Joon (Yang Se Jong) is the mysterious man somehow connected to the disappearance of Jang Deuk Chun’s daughter. Sung Hoon (also Yang Se Jong) is his clone. Or is Sung Hoon the original and Sung Joon the clone? Or are they both clones? Are they both real? And why do they have contrasting personalities? Why is one calm and collected while committing murder while the other is literally terrified of his own shadow?

All these questions don’t matter to Jang Deuk Chun. What matters is finding his daughter. Whether that means getting through one clone or two, he will do it. But as the detective soon learns, things aren’t that simple. While one clone is a murderous psychopath that removes organs from his victims, the other is a kind soul. And both of them need each other to survive. Now it’s a battle between the forces of good and evil, and a man and his daughter are caught in the middle of the most dangerous kind of duel.

Duel is a science fiction thriller written by Kim Yoon Joo (Nine: Nine Time Travels, Queen In Hyun's Man) and directed by Lee Jong Jae.



“On the day my daughter disappeared, I saw two men who looked exactly the same.”

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