It's time for a girls' night in with the fun romantic comedy Ex-Girlfriend Club! Some weekends simply call for a K-drama marathon with your besties, so call up your friends, pop some popcorn (or make some ramen), and watch Song Ji HyoJang Ji EunLee Yoon Ji, and Ryu Hwa Young bond over being Byun Yo Han's hilarious ex-girlfriends. 


Song Ji Hyo (Emergency Couple, My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week) and Byun Yo Han (Six Flying Dragons) star in a romantic comedy about the ghost of boyfriend past not-so-magically appearing to haunt an ambitious woman’s future. Kim Soo Jin (Song Ji Hyo) is a career-oriented producer at a film company that is quickly sinking into the abyss of bankruptcy. In order to save her company, she must take drastic measures -- and perhaps the most drastic of them all is adapting a film version of a webtoon by a popular but divisive writer. Bang Myung Soo (Byun Yo Han) is a young artist who has based his comic entirely on his ex-girlfriends. The intimate details of his personal life, that he has now made nationally-known household facts, has made Myung Soo something of a cross between beloved heartthrob and public enemy. It is this controversy the film company hopes to cash in on. There’s just one problem: Kim Soo Jin happens to be one of those ex-girlfriends. Now, in order to make the movie, our beloved filmmaker must put her feelings aside and interact with not just her increasingly irritating ex, but also those former exes he is writing about that have once again popped up. These ladies, all former girlfriends of Myung Soo’s, are older wealthy divorcee Na Ji Ah (Tree With Deep Rootsactress Jang Ji Eun), the very chic and successful investment firm member Jang Hwa Young (Dream High alum Lee Yoon Ji), and airhead C-lister actress Ra Ra (Age of Youth and Descendants of the Sun’s Ryu Hwa Young). Can Soo Jin make peace and learn what makes those characters tick in time to save her sinking ship of a company, or will this battle of the exes become a real-life fight club?



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Ex-Girlfriend Club

Starring Byun Yo Han and Song Ji Hyo

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