Based on a true life story, Go Away Mr. Tumor brings to the silver screen a woman's inspiring journey in fighting a terminal illness. Chinese blogger Xiang Yao (pen name Xiong Dun) began to share her very personal battle via Weibo and touched the hearts of 3 million followers with her playful accounts. The movie brings her poignant yet uplifting story to life with actress Bai Baihe playing the heroine, and Daniel Wu the handsome doctor with whom she fantasizes a passionate romance.

Go Away Mr. Tumor was submitted by China to the 88th Academy Awards (held in 2016) in the Best Foreign Language Film category.


Award-winning actress Bai Baihe and international star Daniel Wu (aka Wu Yanzu) star in a comedy melodrama about one woman’s successful search for laughter in tragedy and hope in darkness. 

Xiang Yao, known to fans of her blog as Xiong Dun (Bai Baihe), is diagnosed with a malignant cancer. The doctors don’t give her any chances of living. With a limited amount of time, instead of simply giving up hope, Xiong chooses to remain optimistic and live the life she has left to its fullest. That, of course, includes fantasizing about her handsome clinician, Dr. Liang (Daniel Wu), who she repeatedly hopes will ask her to take her clothes off for an examination, and who she also imagines starring in a Korean melodrama with.


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Go Away Mr. Tumor

Starring Wu Daniel Yin-Cho and Bai Bai He

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