Is your week already off to a stressful start? If you only have 20 minutes to spare, then kick back, relax, and watch an episode of our cute new web drama starring Girls' Generation YuriKim Young Kwang, and Lee Ji HoonGo Ho's Starry Night


Girls' Generation’s Kwon Yu Ri (Neighborhood Hero), Kim Young Kwang (Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, Pinocchio) and Lee Ji Hoon (Blood, Mirror of the Witch) star in a Chinese-Korean collaboration that combines the horror of having a terrible boss and ex-boyfriend with the joy of reaching for the stars. Go Ho (Kwon Yu Ri) is a 29-year-old advertisement contractor who wants success in both her career and romance. Unfortunately, neither seems to be working out particularly well because the only two men in her life are Kang Tae Ho (Kim Young Kwang), her short-tempered boss, and Hwang Ji Hoon (Lee Ji Hoon), her ex-boyfriend. Dealing with their increasingly irritating behavior and her decreasingly abundant time until she hits the “big thirty,” can Go Ho reach for the skies and capture her dreams, or will this starry night end in darkness?

Also known as “Gogh, The Starry Night,” Go Ho’s Starry Night is directed by Jo Soo Won (I Can Hear Your Voice, The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days) and written by Shin Yoo Dam (High End Crush). The drama garnered much publicity prior to release for featuring cameos from Park Shin Hye (Heirs), Lee Jong Suk (Doctor Stranger), Yoon Kyoon Sang (Doctor Crush) and Min Sung Wook (Age of Youth), all of whom return to reunite with their Pinocchio collaborators, lead Kim Young Kwang and director Jo Soo Won.



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Go Ho's Starry Night

Starring Kwon Yu Ri and Kim Young Kwang

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