New romance comedy drama In Life and Love (Love Actually) is starting on DramaFever on Wednesday, August 16. The new series stars Chen Qiao En (aka Joe Chen, from Stay With Me and Fated to Love You) and Tong Da Wei (Tiger Mom). Take a look!


In Life and Love (人间至味是清欢), aka Love Actually, is a story about how seven individuals, each with different background and values, will face the ups and downs in life and love in the big city. They'll find that life is full of different flavors, not just the bitter in disappointment and the sweet in romance.

Ding Ren Jian (Tong Da Wei) is an IT engineer who views life with an optimistic attitude. He can usually solve problems easily and move on, but he's about to meet the unexpected in An Qing Huan (Chen Qiao En), an independent career woman who is very candid about her feelings. Zhai Zhi Wei (Wang Yi Bo), at age 23, becomes Ding Ren Jian's boss and also romantic rival. He may just be the most persistent second male lead.

The ensemble cast of actors also includes Lin Peng, Zhu Gangriyao, Lai Jing, Zhu Yuxin, and Xie Shuai.

On-location filming includes Beijing, China, and Budapest, Hungary. The new drama series premiered in China on August 15.

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In Life and Love (Love Actually) - 人间至味是清欢

Starring Tong Da Wei and Joe (Qiao En) Chen

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