Our second thrilling new drama kicking off our summer of action is Lookout, a crime drama about an unlikely group of misfits who come together to seek justice for their lost loved ones. Watch Lee Shi Young, Kim Young Kwang (Sweet Stranger and Me), Kim Tae Hoon (One More Happy Ending), Kim Seul Gi (Oh My Ghostess), and SHINEE’s Key (Let's Drink) work together to overcome Korea's corrupt system and find justice for the downtrodden. 


Lee Si Young (Valid Love, Golden Cross) and Kim Young Kwang (Sweet Stranger and Me) star in an ensemble drama that proves vengeance is a dish best served ruthlessly. When a group of people who lost their loved ones band together to get justice in a corrupt and inefficient legal system, they teacher every criminal in town the true meaning of vengeance.

Criminal kills. Criminal gets off free. The story is old, but still hurts. That is what happens to Jo Soo Ji (Lee Si Young), a former police investigator whose daughter is brutally murdered, and she has to watch as the killer slips through the cracks. In order to get justice for her daughter, she joins forces with a group of vigilantes who all have a score to settle with a corrupt justice system.

Making up the group are ambitious prosecutor Jang Do Han (Kim Young Kwang), genius hacker Kong Kyung Soo (Key from SHINEE and Let’s Drink), righteous lawyer Kim Eun Joong (Kim Tae Hoon from One More Happy Ending), and shy but talented hermit Seo Bo Mi (Kim Seul Gi from Oh My Ghostess). They have all lost someone they loved.

Criminal kills. Criminal gets off free. That’s the old story, but it’s time for a plot twist.



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Starring Lee Si Young and Kim Young Kwang

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