MAJOR MARATHON ALERT: Just in time for the long Thanksgiving weekend, all 18 glorious episodes of the adorable romantic historical Moonlight Drawn by Clouds are now ready for you to binge-watch while you binge-eat some delicious holiday food! 


Park Bo Gum (Tomorrow’s Cantabile, Answer Me 1988) and Kim Yoo Jung (Golden Rainbow, Secret Door) star in a gender bender historical drama about mistaken identity bringing about unmistakable love. Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) has one of the most unique jobs in the Joseon Dynasty: she disguises herself as a man named Sam Nom and gives great dating advice to lovelorn souls seeking to woo that special someone. Because of one of the letters she writes to help win someone over, she ends up meeting Lee Young (Park Bo Gum). But little does she know that Lee Young is actually the future Crown Prince Hyomyung. Lee Young, for his part, also doesn’t know that Hong Ra On is a woman. With both their interests in each other intensifying, things start to get more than a little weird. And those weird things get even weirder when Ra On is sold into the Royal Palace as a eunuch and becomes involved in a political power struggle. Is this a dilemma a dating guru and handsome royalty can solve, or will the darkness of the clouds of greed and deception enshroud the love in the moonlight? 



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Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

Starring Park Bo Gum and Kim Yoo Jung

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