It's finally here! Our latest Chinese drama offering, Ode to Joy 2, is packed with some of China's top actors like Wang Zi WenJiang Xin, Yang Zi, Qiao Xin and Wang Kai. The drama explores the lives of five female friends trying to survive the struggles of balancing romance, family, and work in modern China. Can their friendship be the force to power them through, or will it all fall apart? It's time to find out!


Liu Tao (Nirvana in Fire) leads an ensemble cast that proves there is strength in numbers, even when life seems way too chaotic. When five career-driven women share an apartment complex, they navigate the perils of life as sisters--but it’s family of the most dysfunctional kind. The Ode To Joy apartment complex in Shanghai is filled with stories. The 22nd floor of the building, however, gets particularly rich in drama because of the people that live there. An Di (Liu Tao) is a successful businesswoman who studied in New York and has come back to Beijing to find her little brother. Fan Sheng Mei (Jiang Xin) is a kind HR executive at a multinational and works to support her financially dependent family. Qu Xiao Xiao (Wang Zi Wen) is a young entrepreneur competing with her stepbrother for her father’s business. Qiu Ying Ying (Yang Zi) is a simple small-town girl trying to make something of herself. Guan Ju'er (Qiao Xin) is a young intern who comes from a well-educated family and is therefore under immense pressure to succeed. It has now been one year exactly since these neighbors last left off, and life has changed. An Di is now in a romance with rich heir Bao Yi Fan (Yang Shuo), whose complicated background is an issue. Sheng Mei feels constricted by her family and is struggling to see eye to eye with her entrepreneur boyfriend Wang Baichuan (Zhang Lu). Qu Xiao Xiao is frequently breaking up with flirty physician Zhao Qi Ping (Wang Kai from When a Snail Falls in Love). Qiu Ying Ying is really trying to make things work with IT employee Ying Qin (Wu Hao Chen). Guan Ju Er (Qiao Xin) has gone crazy for rising musician Xie Bin (Deng Lun). One would think the ladies have matured by now, and life may go a bit smoother. But life, like maturity, has a way of quickly going downhill. Can the ladies remember the lessons they have learned and stick together, or will the ode to joy prove to be a cacophony of disaster? Ode to Joy 2 is the second season of the wildly popular series based on a novel by Ah Nai. The first season is directed by Kong Sheng (Nirvana in Fire) and the second is helmed by Zhang Kai Zhou. The series is the most viewed contemporary drama in China, and also broke the Youtube record for most watched C-drama. Ode to Joy’s original broadcast period is from April 18, 2016 to May 10, 2016, with the second season broadcasting from May 11, 2017 to June 10, 2017.




Ode to Joy 2 - 欢乐颂2

Starring Liu Tao and Jiang Xin

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