While it may seem impossible to have fate simply lead you to the person you're destined to be with, for those lucky 1%, like the couple in One Percent of Something, when it happens, it's magical! In this remake of the classic K-drama One Percent of Anything, stuck up heir Jae In (Ha Suk Jin) and sweet but feisty school teacher Kim Da Hyun (Jun So Min) find true love in the most unexpected places. Watch it online with English subtitles now, only on DramaFever! 


Ha Suk Jin (Let’s Drink, The Woman Who Married Three Times) and Jun So Min (Maids, Secret Investigation Record) star in a romantic comedy that proves the greatest wealth you can inherit is finding someone you love. Lee Jae In (Ha Suk Jin) is an entitled third-generation chaebol. He is handsome, intelligent and wealthy, all of which has predictably made him a touch arrogant. And while his uncompromising professionalism means he is nothing but pleasant to the customers of the hotel he owns, etiquette and politeness are not things known to him in his personal dealings. However, he is in for a rude awakening when he realizes that his grandfather has not left him the entire inheritance he is so fond of. Instead, that key to that fortune has gone to Kim Da Hyun (Jun So Min), a strong-willed elementary school teacher who is a complete stranger to Lee Jae In. And perhaps being a stranger isn’t even the strangest aspect of Grandpa’s will: in order to get his inheritance from her, Lee Jae In must marry Kim Da Hyun and live with her for 10 months. Should he refuse or fail to do so, our chaebol star can forget about ever getting that one thing that actually makes him a chaebol. Can a marriage brought upon by someone else’s force of will ever blossom into something more meaningful, or will the arrogant chaebol pack up with his inheritance as soon as this contract of matrimony runs out?

Also known as “Something About One Percent,” One Percent of Something is a remake of the 2003 MBC drama, One Percent of Anything, starring Kim Jung Hwa (Dating Agency: Cyrano) and Kang Dong Won (M). Both iterations of the series are based on the 2002 novel “1%ui Eoddungut” by Hyun Go Woon, who also wrote the screenplay for not just this work’s adaptations, but the drama Creating Destiny as well. The series is directed by Kang Cheol Woo, who fans will remember for his work on Romantic Island. Filming for the drama began in June 2015, and concluded in August 2016.One Percent of Something will debut on Dramax on October 5, 2016 for an expected run of 16 episodes.


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One Percent of Something

Starring Ha Suk Jin and Jun So Min

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