The #1Taiwanese drama of the year is Refresh Man, the office romantic comedy starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng, and you can now watch it online on DramaFever! See why everyone who watches it can't help but fall in love! 


Aaron Yan (Just You, Fall in Love With Me) and Joanne Tseng (Dear Mom, Marry Me or Not?) star in a workplace romance that shows how the one you never even pay proper attention to can come back into your life and steal your heart. Wen Kai (Aaron Yan) has spent his life competing with his neighbor Yu Tang (Joanne Tseng), the girl he has been in love with since forever. It was never much of a competition, though, as Yu Tang was tremendously gifted while Wen Kai was known to his classmates Duck Egg King for the big, unchangeable zeroes on his tests. The teachers naturally made Yu Tang in charge, and she made Wen Kai’s life rather difficult. Fast forward a few years, and Wen Kai works odd jobs and has to go overseas to find employment, while Yu Tang lands a highly sought-after secretarial position at the legendary MUSE Cosmetics. Being as awesome as she is, Yu Tang quickly climbs up the corporate ladder and is soon expected to take over as Head Secretary for the incoming CEO. That new CEO, as fate would have it, happens to be none other than Wen Kai. When the once-slacker learns that his new secretary is none other than the Yu Tang he grew up with, the only one more shocked than him is the lady herself who, after years of besting her childhood companion at everything, now has to work under him. Will Wen Kai now simply crush the woman that always always crushed him when she had the chance, or does this boss-secretary duo have some mixed feelings on the agenda? Adding to the drama are Miao Ai Sha (Love Myself or You? star Lene Lai), the incredibly efficient secretary that Wen Kai brought with him to the company and who harbors a rather one-sided love for her boss, Wang Zi Yu (Love Around actor Jack Li), an old acquaintance and fellow Head Secretary of Yu Tang’s she met at a gathering for administrative professionals, and Chen You Rui, (Murphy’s Law of Love alum and K One member JR Chien), the office flirt Yu Tang is forced to work with and who makes her life a living hell.

Refresh Man is the latest romantic comedy by the director team of Ke Zheng Ming, who fans will remember for his well-received work on the Bobby Dou and Vivi Lee starrer Be With You, and Hao Xin Xiang, who previously worked with several of the show’s cast members on Dear Mom. The drama is written by the triple team of Wang You Zhen, Zhang Fang Ying and Chen Yun Ru. 



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Refresh Man - 後菜鳥的燦爛時代

Starring Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng

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