Ok Taec Yeon ( Let's Fight Ghost) and Seo Ye Ji (HwarangMoorim School) star in a thriller that proves the most dangerous thing you can ask of someone is their kindness. Also known as “Rescue Me,” Save Me is based on the hugely popular webcomic Out of the World (Sesang Bakeuro) by Jo Geum San. The first two episodes of Save Me are now available on DramaFever!


When four young men agree to rescue a woman from a religious cult, they don’t realize how deadly it can be to try and save someone from their “saviors.”

Han Sang Hwan (Ok Taec Yeon) is the charming and handsome son of a governor. Because of his father’s success, he faces a lot of pressure to become something in life, which he has failed to do thus far. After a chance encounter with a woman and one traumatic incident, Han Sang Hwan realizes how pathetically weak he is and vows to change that.

Im Sang Mi (Seo Ye Ji) is the very woman he came across. Graceful and quiet, she moves from Seoul to Muji after her father’s business goes south. Bankrupt, her father begins relying on a pseudo-religious cult for help. Trying to help him, Im Sang Mi follows her dad into the secretive organization and gets pulled into their sinister plans.

Three years after that chance encounter, Han Sang Hwan coincidentally runs into Im Sang Mi again. Im Sang Mi is still in the clutches of the cult, led by the the manipulative Baek Jung Ki (Jo Sung Ha from  The K2).

This time, Han Sang Hwan decides not to be weak. So when Im Sang Mi pleads “save me,” he does just that. The governor’s son reaches out to his friends, Seok Don Chul (Woo Do Hwan from  Sweet Stranger and Me), a rebellious and equally unemployed friend who has a love-hate relationship with Han Sang Hwan, Woo Jung Hoon (David Lee from Let’s Fight Ghost), and Choi Man Hee (Ha Hwe Jung), and they set out to save Im Sang Mi. But the cult does not like it when someone tries to leave. Or when someone from the outside interferes.

Now it’s a battle of the wits to both rescue someone and stay alive. As they struggle and suffer at the hands of the cult, the young men soon learn that kindness is something you end up having to save yourself from.

The series is directed by Kim Sung Soo and adapted for the screen by Jung Yi Do.






Ok Taec Yeon and Seo Ye Ji 

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