What if you could travel back in time to save someone you loved? In the touching new mini drama Somehow 18Choi Min Ho confronts his tragic past when he suddenly becomes 18 years old again and gets the chance to save the life of his first love Lee Yoo Bi


 Oh Kyung Hwi (Choi Min Ho, Hwarang) is an orthopedic surgeon. Easy to like and immensely talented, few would think he has not had a happy childhood. In high school, Oh Kyung Hwi was relentlessly bullied and an absolute loner. His only solace was his first love, Han Na Bi (Lee Yoo Bi, Uncontrollably Fond). She committed suicide. The memory, and his failure to save her, haunts Oh Kyung Hwi to this day. He wants nothing more than one more chance to fix his mistakes. Through something magical, he gets that chance. Oh Kyung Hwi ends up traveling back in time. He finds himself a teenager again. At 18, he is back in high school. He now has a shot at fixing the mistakes of his past and saving the girl he wanted to spend his life with. But that also means he has to fight the bullies he left behind all those years ago. Oh Kyung Hwi has one more chance to face his demons and save his love. And he knows this chance will most definitely be his last.


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