Have you ever wished for the chance to go back in time and redo your life? In the new romantic drama Stay With Me, when a successful fashion designer loses her memory of the last 7 years, she is mentally transported back to a time when she made huge life-altering decisions and is given the chance to rethink her path, including her romantic relationships. Hot off the hit drama When A Snail Falls in LoveWang Kai stars with Fated to Love You's Joe Chen in this dramatic series about second chances. 


Joe “Qiao En” Chen (Easy Fortune Happy Life, Fated to Love You) and Wang Kai (Nirvana in Fire, When a Snail Falls in Love) star in a romantic drama about a woman who gets everything she ever wanted, only to realize it came at the price of the very person she wanted to share it with. Li Wei Wei (Joe Chen) is a 30-year-old fashion designer who has already achieved more than most do in their entire lives. But after an accidental drowning, she loses every memory of the last seven years. Now, in Wei Wei’s mind, her life is the way it was when she was 23-years old, a young fashion design wannabe who was deeply in love with Chen Yi Du (Wang Kai). Seven years ago, they were inseparable. Today, he is a bitter ex. Confused by what caused this seemingly sudden change, Li Wei Wei investigates, only to learn that the hectic life of a success-driven designer essentially engulfed not just the love she shared with Chen Yi Du, but also the charming, dreamy-eyed girl that she was seven years ago. Meanwhile, as Li Wei Wei begins to regret her recent actions, the person most directly impacted by this change is Qi Cheng (singer actor Qiao “Kimi” Ren Liang), her current fiance who is doing everything in his power to stop his love from reconnecting with her ex, and to also rekindle the relationship they had prior to the accident. Li Wei Wei, however, has decided that she is once again going to be the person she was before the success that took her old life from her. But can she ever get back everything she has lost without losing everything she has achieved?


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Love is hard, isn't it? 💔

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Stay with Me - 放弃我, 抓紧我

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Wang Kai

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