The King's Woman (秦时丽人明月心), a brand new historical romance drama, is starting on DramaFever now. The impressive Chinese saga stars Dilraba Dilmurat (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) and Zhang Bin Bin (Love O2O, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms). Take a look!


Dilraba Dilmurat (Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms) and Zhang Bin Bin (Love O2O) star in a historical romance about a woman torn between her love and her duty, with her life hanging in the balance. 

When a beautiful woman is forced to marry a vicious king, she gets caught in the crossfire between her husband and his enemies. Gongsun Li (Dilraba Dilmurat) is the granddaughter and student of a famed military commander. Intelligent, fearless and beautiful, Gongsun Li wins the heart of anyone that crosses her path. That is what happened to Jing Ke (Liu Chang), the first disciple of the same military commander. The two have loved each other since they were young. They know they are inseparable. One man disagrees. Yin Zheng (Zhang Bin Bin) is the king from the rival state of Qin. Ambitious and ruthless, he is equal parts cunning and vicious. Yin Zheng is respected--and feared--throughout the kingdoms. Yet his heart belongs to Gongsun Li, the woman who saved his life when they were young. When the Qin armies attack Gongsun Li’s kingdom, she must make a sacrifice. In order to save Jing Ke, she agrees to marry Yin Zheng. The marriage is just the beginning of the real ordeal. Gongsun Li faces conspiracies in the palace at every turn. She also learns that she is pregnant with Jing Ke’s child. In an odd twist, she also learns that Yin Zheng is actually a misunderstood soul. As she slowly grows closer to the king, Gongsun Li’s life seems headed in a better direction. That is, until Jing Ke arrives, seeking to reclaim his love and assassinate the king. As she gets caught in the battle between her husband and his innumerable enemies, the king's woman soon must make a choice between her husband and her vow to her first love.

Adapted from the historical fiction novel, The Legend of Qin: Li Ji Story, The King’s Woman is directed by Liu Xin. The drama is a highly fictionalized account of the Warring States period, when real-life king Yin Zheng sought to unite China under one banner and eventually began the Qin dynasty. The series’ original broadcast period is from August 14, 2017, airing Monday through Wednesday at 10 pm on Zheijang TV.

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The King's Woman - 秦时丽人明月心

Starring Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhang Bin Bin (Vin Zhang)

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