It's time to kick up your feet and wash all your stress away by binge-watching an adorable, lighthearted web drama! High school sports K-drama Thumping Spike 2, starring Kim So Eun and Lee Won Geun, is a quick fix for your romantic comedy addiction, and you can marathon all twenty 15-minute-long episodes right now on DramaFever! 


When a wallflower butts heads with a star player that joins her university’s volleyball team, sparks fly and spikes thump. Before she knows it, the bookworm is caught in a love triangle between the star player and the equally handsome captain of the team.

Leading the cast is “adorkable” nerd Han Da Woon (Kim So Eun from Our Gab Soon), a student at Daehan University known as the “Goddess of Victory,” despite the fact that she’s not the most social student on campus. In fact, she’s been trying to learn about men from books for the past six years, much to the chagrin of her twin sister, Ah Reum (also played by Kim So Eun). Da Woon starts coming out of her emotional shell when she starts feuding with the star player of the volleyball team on campus. Unable to fathom why a successful professional would bother going to school, Da Woon soon gets a lesson she couldn't learn from any of her books. That star player, however, is Dong Hae Sung (Lee Won Geun from Cheer Up!). Equally attractive and talented, he dominates on the court and wins hearts off of it. His father doesn’t want him to give up his athletic career for college, but Hae Sung isn’t sure what he wants. All he knows is Daehan is in deep, deep need of a good setter—and he’s the best.

Go Yi Ra (Sun Woong from Cinderella and the Four Knights) is captain of Daehan's notoriously terrible volleyball team. Short-tempered at times, he actually happens to be a really nice guy and even saves Han Da Woon from a near death experience—tugging at our heroine's heartstrings. Ah Reum warns her she shouldn’t fall in love at first sight, but Da Woon wants nothing to do with such wisdom. After catching on, Dong Hae Sung takes advantage of the love-struck situation and offers Han Da Woon a deal: he’ll help her get closer to Go Yi Ra if she helps the star athlete with his studies.


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Thumping Spike 2

Starring Kim So Eun and Lee Won Geun

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