In the world of love, it's the same as Darwin's theory: Survival of the Fittest!" That's what one woman tells her rival in love in the new drama, Tree in the River. Let's find out more about the new romantic drama, starring Gillian Chung, Mike He, and Sonia Sui.


He loves his roommate, but she is his exact opposite. Whoever said “opposites attract” never saw a giraffe fall in love with a squirrel.

Da Shu (Mike He) is a handsome bachelor. Because of his simple and upright nature, Da Shu sometimes resembles a giraffe. Back when he was a chubby kid without the courage to confess his feelings, Da Shu fell in love with someone. As an adult, he meets her again. This time, she is his roommate. Chu Zhi He (Gillian Chung) is a sweet and kind girl. She is ambitiously waiting to meet the right guy in her life. When she reunites with Da Shu, the difference in their personalities is stark. Lovable and precocious, the seemingly tiny Chu Zhi He seems like a squirrel next to the giraffe-like Da Shu. Along with them are fellow urbanites Fen Ni (Sonia Sui), who always keeps her guard up like a panther, and Qin Hao (Ray Chang), who hunts for a lady’s heart like a wolf. As they struggle to survive in the jungle that is urban life, everyone begins to resemble some kind of animal. But even the strongest animal can drown in the river of life unless they grab on to the tree of love.

Tree in the River is directed by famous Taiwanese director Winnie Chu, who had directed many romantic dramas including In Time With You, It Started With A Kiss and its sequel. The new rom-com drama stars Gillian Chung (Twins), Mike He (Go, Single Lady), Sonia Sui (The Fierce Wife), and Ray Chang (Heart of Steel). It aired in 2018.


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The new romantic comedy sounds just like what we need to add some spice to our life. It starts on May 4 on DramaFever, with four 30-minute episodes every Friday.


Tree In The River - 動物系戀人啊

Starring Gillian Chung and Sonia Sui

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If the world of love and relationships is just like an animal kingdom, which animal would you most resemble?

Tree in the River marks the return of Mike He and Sonia Sui to romance comedy fans. I don't recall ever seeing Gillian Chung here either. So I look forward to checking out the new series. How about you?

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