If you love thrillers like Signal and Voice, then detective drama Tunnel, starring Choi Jin Hyuk (Emergency CoupleHeirs), Yoon Hyun Min (Witch's Romance, Heartless City) and Lee Yoo Young, is the prefect new drama for you! In this murder mystery that spans across the decades, when a cop chases a criminal into a tunnel, he comes out on the other end thirty years into the future, where the only familiar face is the killer himself. 


The year is 1986. Detective Park Kwang Ho (Choi Jin Hyuk from Pride and Prejudice, Heirs) is an enthusiastic and old fashioned detective. He will do anything to get the mark. Once, he even went so far as to hang out with a suspect's accomplice for a month just to get a lead. He will do anything to enforce the law. He thinks with his fists, and he doesn't have time for procedure. One night, the detective is chasing a killer. The killer enters a tunnel. The detective follows. When he emerges from the other side, the killer is gone. On this end of the tunnel, the year is 2017. Now thirty years into the future, the killings have started again. The detective is now considered an old-fashioned kook with crazy theories and dated methodologies of law enforcement. He also cannot get used to the new world. So, for the firs time in his career, he is going to need help catching a criminal. 

The one supporting our detective is professor of criminal psychology Shin Jae Yi (Lee Yoo Young). A respected name in academic circles, Shin Jae Yi was raised in the UK and is an expert on serial killers that target women. She had no plans to teach in Korea, but fate led her to the detective, and she is now caught deep in the middle of a full-blown investigation. Also helping our out-of-time hero is Detective Kim Sun Jae (Yoon Hyun Min), a suave and chic enforcer of the law who has a cold, cerebral approach to crime. While his methods are the exact opposite of Park Kwang Ho's, there is no denying his skill and intelligence. Adding to the mystery is Park Kwang Ho (N from K-Pop group VIXX, who has already appeared on shows like Heirs and Running Man), a man who shares the same name as a detective and seems more than a casual bystander in all this hunting. Together, they are all working to catch the mysterious killer. This may be one crime, though, with no light at the end of the tunnel. 

Tunnel is directed Kim Kyung Chul and Kim Sung Min, and written by debutant Lee Eun Mi. 



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