Fans of Oh My Ghostess have been raving about the chemistry between Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young. At a recent press conference, the two stars discussed how much they enjoy working together, and you can see how fun it is for yourself with these adorable behind-the-scene clips from the show!

At a July 22 press conference for the series, Park Bo Young said of her costar Jo Jung Suk, “He has so many ideas for each and every scene. He often gives ideas on how to characterize Bong Sun or Soon Ae. The character Kang Sun Woo himself is really charming so I have no problem filming bold scenes with him as Soon Ae." 

She then added, “He’s sweet, and he may yell when he’s playing chef Kang Sun Woo, but he also has a caring side to him. I think he likes his image as a charismatic but caring person.”

Jo Jung Suk responded by talking about how distractingly charming Park Bo Young can be: “I try so hard not to smile but it’s not working. Park Bo Young is so cute that I keep making mistakes. She says that she doesn’t actually have aegyo in real life, but she has so much aegyo when acting that it almost feels like she’s lying to me. Especially when she hugs me, it’s hard to push her away.”

We don't blame Jo Jung Suk for being unable to resist Park Bo Young's cute side! I mean, just look at how much fun they're having on set:

And here they are with fellow costars Im Ju Hwan and Kim Seul Gi:

Doesn't this series look like a blast to film? I would love to be a fly on the wall for all of the hilarious scenes! You can watch new episodes of Oh My Ghostess every Friday and Saturday on DramaFever. Catch up on the series with episode 1 below: