We have a special announcement: Pinocchio has 3 episodes this week, finishing with episode 20 later today. What will happen to the romance and the lingering mystery? Will good overcome evil? How will Dal Po, In Ha, and Bum Jo, the central characters who we've grown to care for deeply, find their way out of the maze?

The drama has been perfect in blending romance, suspense, and conflicts between older and young generations. We won't spoil the ending for you, but for fans who have followed this drama since it began, it's been a satisfying show and well deserves the Number 1 spot on our Weekly Top 10 Most Watched Dramas list on DramaFever week after week.

The cast, starring Park Shin Hye, Lee Jong SukKim Young KwangLee Pil MoLee Yoo Bi , and many others, has simply been perfect in making their characters come alive in our living rooms or on our mobile devices. The last 3 episodes of the series promise to have great surprises with unexpected twists and turns. One thing for certain is the romance between Dal Po and In Ha, but how will it be affected by the upheaval to come?

Watch episode 19:

I've been watching the drama myself, and I can't wait for the grand finale. Again, no spoilers, but I really have come to trust the scriptwriter, the director, the actors, and the entire production team for this wonderful drama. 

If you haven't started watching Pinocchio. This is a great time to start.

~ NancyZdramaland