Yes, fortune cookies were actually first made in the United States. We are accustomed to getting a fortune cookie at the end of the meal in a Chinese restaurant, but if you were in China, you wouldn't find any fortune cookies sitting next to your bill. So what do the people in China think about the fortune cookies, especially when they try the cookie for the very first time?

By the way, the egg rolls that were mentioned in the video are a kind of dessert rolls made of similar ingredients as the fortune cookies. Here's a photo of those egg rolls: (source)


The Buzzfeed video really gives us pause about something so simple that we've taken for granted. I've gotten so used to getting a fortune cookie in a Chinese restaurant that I'd be upset if I didn't see one. Actually, I don't usually eat the cookie; I just want to check out the fortune. On a rare occasion, I may get a double fortune when there are 2 strips of paper in one cookie.

How about you? Do you like fortune cookies? Did it surprise you that fortune cookies did not originate from China?

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~ NancyZdramaland