Perfect Couple, a brand new 2014 Chinese romance comedy series, is now showing on DramaFever. The plot follows a handsome heir to an aristocratic family, who is married by mistake to a substitute lower class bride. Their path to love is paved with comedic conflicts and romantic adventures. It also stars one of the most handsome actors ever in Chinese dramas.


During the Ming Dynasty, Yu Qi Lin (played by Tiffany Tang) came to the capital with her foster mother’s token, alone. She ran into arrogant young master Jin Yuan Bao (played by Wallace Huo,) son of the Jin family. Yu Qi Ling accidentally marries Jin Yuan Bao under a false identity when the original bride ran away. Luckily, she was saved by Gu Chang Feng (played by Huang Ming) a young doctor. What will Jin do when he eventually uncovers Yu's disguise? The romance comedy is also peppered with elements of suspense, birth secrets, and palace conspiracy.


Wallace Huo: A handsome Taiwanese actor and singer, who rose to fame in a series of martial arts and historical dramas. His love affair with Joe Qiao-En Chen (Fated To Love You) and subsequent breakup was tracked and discussed by fans for years. He has been filming mostly in China in recent years and is one of the top-tier male leads.

Tiffany Tang: Beautiful Chinese actress made headline news last year in a very public breakup with boyfriend, Taiwanese actor Roy Chiu (Miss Rose, Office Girls.) Tiffany has starred in many TV and film roles ever since her stunning performance in her film debut, Farewell For Love, earning her a Best Actress nomination at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

When Wallace and Tiffany came together to film Perfect Couple, it was a happy reunion for them, because they had previously acted together in another drama series called Chinese Paladin 3 from 2009. On set, they were seen being very close and helpful to each other. They were also teased that they didn't even need practice to film the many kiss scenes.

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