If you want to see some piranhas, Suma Aqualife Park KOBE is the place to go. They currently have an "Amazon Fair" going on, all the way until August 31st. And if you want to eat some piranhas, a restaurant in the park grounds will grant your wish.

When was the last time you went to an aquarium to eat some seafood? Never, I'm sure. Now if you lived in Japan, AND you felt like eating some piranhas for dinner, all you'd have to do is get yourself to Restaurant & Cafe Warakuen, situated in the park. After watching a piranha feeding frenzy show and learning how piranhas and other creatures live in the deep jungles and waters of the Amazon, you can sit at a table and have your own feeding frenzy by chowing down on a piranha meunière. It comes with a soup, salad and rice or bread, all for 2000 yen.

But don't forget to make a reservation. There are only five available dishes a day, and this special dinner lasts only until May 31st. Maybe for a nice romantic dinner for two.

Suma Aqualife Park KOBE

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