I remember when I was a little kid, I would do anything I could to avoid taking medicine for a cold. I used to have trouble swallowing the pills, and the powdered stuff just tasted terrible. It was an ordeal for my parents just because I would try to avoid it any way I could. But a dislike of taking medicine is not something unique to little human kids like me, apparently, as these giant panda kids seem to feel exactly the same way.

I don't know what the medicine is for, but these pandas in a Chinese zoo obviously want no part of it. The zookeeper tries to put the pills in their mouths, but they just will not cooperate. Not only do they not cooperate, but they make it pretty obvious that they would rather goof off and wrestle! I watch these pandas, and I'm reminded of myself when I used to make my mom go through the same trouble as this zookeeper...

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But I'm sure I wasn't this cute.