When prominent luxury cosmetics brand Yves Saint Laurent rolled out its "Dangerous Red" campaign in Chinese-speaking territories back in January, folks were excited about the gorgeous ads because both Rain and high-fashion model Yoo Ji Ahn (유지안 / Yoo Gian) know how to give good face to a camera. This month we're finally getting to see their great working chemistry in the second TV spot of the project, "The Lounge," presented by Vogue.

It's stylized like film noir, but with a few strategic pops of red. Rain pursues Ji Ahn and her stunning lips through a night club/lounge until he finally gets her face to face. 

Check it out!

Video source: VOGUE TV / terry820625

I love the way she smiles and winks at Rain as she turns away from him, which ties in neatly with the "Danger Red" wall graffiti she left for him.

That Ji Ahn has some cute dimples.

See Rain in his latest series, My Lovable Girl:

Rain hasn't been called the Man of 1000 Faces for nothing, haha. His character is completely bewitched by Ji Ahn's mysterious character as club-goers party all around them, oblivious. 

The black-and-white sets the mood well. I don't think the CF would have the same impact if it was in color. Do you?

The first TV spot in this campaign featured Ji Ahn and was called "The Elevator." This second CF is the first one that showcases both models. 

The third CF in the series will be called "The Dance." The name alone has me more than ready to watch it. 

But we have to wait!

Video screen caps: Stephe Thornton

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