My Lovable Girl has released two behind-the-scene videos accompanied by the drama's OSTs.  The videos show the actors rehearsing and preparing for some of the scenes that have become memorable, such as the red balloon scene, Krystal sliding down a handrail, Rain saving Krystal from a moving truck, the rooftop scenes (yes, it's a real rooftop, not a studio stage,) and many more.

We usually caution about graphic images, but here I'll caution about seeing the non-romantic details in shooting a romantic drama. For some people, it may be too much information, but for others, it's fun to see the actors' interactions with each other and with the crew. Nonetheless, the two videos are accompanied by beautiful songs, and I myself will always keep my eyes out for not just Rain's charismatic smiles but also the lovable dog, Dal Bong.

Here's the first video accompanied by Krystal singing the tender and emotional "On the Verge of Tears" from the drama's OST.

The second video is accompanied by "This Song," a Loco and Mamamoo collaboration for My Lovable Girl.

In the meantime, My Lovable Girl has been extremely popular in China with over 100 million views so far. It is also reportedly the most profitable Korean drama that has ever been sold to China for distribution rights, at $120,000 per episode. By comparison, My Love From Another Star was sold at a 'mere' $40,000 per episode.

Did you like the behind-the-scene videos? What do you think of the actors' interactions?