Ever since consumers in China chose Korean entertainer Rain to be this year's brand ambassador for Luolai Textile 罗莱家纺 subsidiary LOVO-Home, the e-commerce giant has kept their site and social media nicely drenched by the man. A new CF for the campaign was finally released earlier this month, with 30 seconds of Rain in the morning sun. Oh, and lovely linens, too (almost forgot, haha).

Check it out! He looks great hitting those sheets, doesn't he?

When images from behind the scenes at the CF shoot at the Space Avanshow sets in Korea were posted right at the end of May, the jig was up and folks knew something was on the way. I'm wondering if a longer version or even different versions might be coming...

What is it that I always say? Time will tell. 

Time right now for some more eye candy.

In other news, it looks like Rain's new Chinese drama Diamond Lover will indeed hit TV screens in that country in four weeks. Every major and minor news outlet in China has been talking about that broadcast date, though international distributor DMG Entertainment has not. However, the gist of Diamond Lover producer Liu Yang's post on his Weibo on the 14th was that the drama is premiering on Zhejiang and Anhui Satellite TV on July 22, as has been reported. 

He seemed very excited and posted a picture of himself and Rain as well. So, things are looking up! Stay tuned, drama watchers. :) 

Images and video sources: LOVO / Liu Yang 国影刘阳

Watch Rain in My Lovable Girl:

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