This past Friday the 15th, influential fashion brand BOY London released professional footage of their 2016 Fall/Winter fashion show on their TV.Sohu channel. The show took place in Beijing, China on June 20, but they recently uploaded the performances of K-Pop artists RainSTELLARLovelyz, and Snuper, and fans are delighted about it! 

So, let's get K-poppin'. Enjoy your favorite, or enjoy them all, and sound off in the comments below!


That's a whole lot of BOY Rain swag in black and combat boots, folks. :) 


Visions in white, and flirty in those boyfriend shirts!


 Quite lovely in purple and satin. You go, girls!


Guys can be angelic visions too, right? :) 

Chillin' with their senior artist Rain. Rain's height is sky-high, so these boys are tall!


After School Club

Starring Park Ji Min and Kevin Woo

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Images: BOY London Korea's Twitter / Snuper @ Weibo

Cover images: BOY London Korea's Twitter

Videos source credit: BOY London China @ TV.Sohu

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