The tension in Remember has kept us glued to the screen, and the tender kiss in episode 18 also deeply touched our hearts for the budding romance between Yoo Seung Ho's and Park Min Young's appealing characters. However, did you know the lovely kiss was not in the script, even as the stars were filming that day?

The two characters, Jin Woo and In Ah, have been friends since they were younger. They have supported each other through the years over the difficulties and sufferings that occurred to both Jin Woo and his father. In an earlier episode, they teased each other about In Ah being the noona, as Jin Woo is much younger in age. 

In real life, Yoo Seung Ho is 7 years younger than Park Min Young, and he has even admitted that he was nervous in meeting his leading lady for the first time. Luckily for the viewers, the stars quickly found that they worked well together, and their characters certainly were at ease with each other with great chemistry on screen. 

On the day when they filmed the scene where In Ah found Jin Woo under the wishing tree., the emotional scene originally called for the two characters to gaze deeply into each other's eyes and hug. But the director suddenly announced that a kiss was necessary! He explained that the audience, by this time, have felt their budding romance and would want to see their relationship progress. 

(I agree!)

The stars were surprised, but after a discussion with the director, they carried off the scene as a real-life couple would, with a lovely and tender first kiss.

Take a look! 

It was reported that Yoo Seung Ho was shy at first, but as the camera started rolling, he took the lead in the kiss and delivered superbly. After the kiss scene was completed, he returned to his shy self, making the crew members laugh.

Don't you think their kiss was beautiful? I'd like to hang a wish on the wishing tree to hope for a sequel and more kisses.


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