This cameo is LITERALLY the best cameo I have ever seen in any Kdrama ever. It's so good that we have to write this article and break it down piece by piece so everyone can fully understand the amazingness that is Monday Couple from Running Man.

Now, even if you don't watch Running Man, you probably still know the 'Monday Couple' history of Song Ji Hyo and Gary. In the early stages of Running Man (which runs on Mondays), Gary admitted his crush on Song Ji Hyo, and the two had an adorably awkward and realistic relationship. From then on, the "couple" act quickly snowballed to an endearing storyline wildly popular amongst fans.

In this scene in Emergency Couple, Oh Jin Hee (played by Song Ji Hyo) leaves a restaurant drunk after having called her substitute driver. As the driver (Gary) helps her to her car, she starts singing "Shower Later," Gary's newest single (see below for the song).

Song Ji Hyo's character then calls him Gary, and Gary corrects her that he's the "daeri," not "Gary!" In Korea, you can hire a "daeri" to drive your car for you when you are unable to do so.

As he continues to haul her to the car, she comments that he's really good looking. This part is totally ironic because people often make fun of Gary for his looks on Running Man. As she clasps her hands with his, Gary gets nervous in his typical Running Man demeanor and lets go, saying "No, we shouldn't."

At the end of the scene, he tells her "I have a feeling that I'll see you on Monday," which is clearly a reference to Running Man!

Ahh so adorable and hilarious! Emergency Couple vs. Monday Couple, who will win?

By the way, here is Shower "Later", Gary's single.


And if you aren't watching Emergency Couple or Running Man yet, get on it!