In the most recent episode of Running ManSeo Kang Joon joined Hong Jong HyunChoi Tae Joon, Nam Joo Hyuk, and Seo Ha Joon as Running High School's 2015 "Super Rookies." Kang Joon was the designated flower boy of the bunch, and they all joined Kwang Soo in a quest to defeat their experienced Running Man seniors. Let's see how Kang Joon fared!

In the first challenge, Kang Joon had to try to wrestle his opponents off of a slippery mat and into the water:

Sadly, he was no match for his seniors this time.

In another challenge, the entire game came down to Kang Joon's ability to catch some gonggi pieces in his hand. Can you feel the tension?

So close! Better luck next time, Kang Joon! All of the youngsters were hilarious, and you can see the full episode below:

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