Isn't he cute? Do you trust him? Super Junior singer and actor Choi Si Won plays a handsome but sly burglar during a cameo appearance for Masked Prosecutor. Let's see how detective Kim Sun Ah gets him to tell the truth using a creative torture.

Would you believe a handsome face when the guy tells you to trust him? 

How would you get him to tell the truth?

The video is from the 1st episode of Masked Prosecutor. The entire cameo takes place within the first 3 minutes. I recommend you just start watching from the beginning:

Here's the "knitting torture" that drove Siwon crazy. The pink scarf looks great!

As Siwon was taken away, we see that he's dressed in bicycle riding attire. I wonder if it is a reference to his movie To The Fore, as the interrogation did not mention anything about the burglar using the bike for his robbery.

It's really fun to learn the backstory for Siwon's cameo. It turned out that he's been great friends with Kim Sun Ah. When she read the script, she thought of Siwon for the role, and he said sure. 

I'm jealous of Kim Sun Ah. Wouldn't you want to be able to call up Siwon anytime for help?

~ NancyZdramaland

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