Will So Ji Sub give back hugs? Since when has he been so handsome? The charismatic actor from the popular Oh My Venus was at Guerilla Date, a KBS Entertainment Weekly program that brings a star to the streets of Seoul. The video is completely subbed in English. 

Check out one adorable fan explaining why she compared So Ji Sub to a particular vegetable at 01:50. There is also an interesting segment where he was interviewed and asked how he felt about Oh My Venus and his co-star Shin Min Ah.

The host noted that people's hands started shaking when they noticed So Ji Sub's arrival at Guerilla Date :

What do you think was the best question and the most revealing answer?

Was it when he adroitly avoided directly answering the marriage question, despite the interviewer's best effort?

Or was it when he answered who was more handsome between him and close friend Song Seung Hun?

Did you know So Ji Sub has a secret title as the CEO of his own agency? 

It's hilarious to watch the fans' reaction when they see, hear, and even touch the handsome actor from the popular Oh My Venus drama. They were certainly not shy in asking for the best hugs. (Can you blame them? I wanted to squeal too just watching the video.)

What would you ask So Ji Sub if you ever run into him? Watch him in episode 7 of Oh My Venus below!

~ NancyZdramaland